3 reasons that took away the guilt of spending top dollar on Shoes

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Have you ever felt bad about spending a lot of money on shoes?  Have you walked away feeling like the money I spent on shoes could've been spent elsewhere?  Yep, I used to feel that way many years ago but when I started thinking of my shoes as investment pieces I've never felt that way again. 

So I'm going to share with you 3 ways of how you should view shoe shopping so that you won't feel bad about dropping those dollar bills on shoes.  Here goes:

#1 - When you buy quality and timeless shoes they will last and can be worn more than one or two seasons.  If you shop wisely, you can pull some shoes out from several years back and rock them like you just bought them.  Most times, you can get a lot more use with a timeless design and quality, well made shoe than a very trendy less quality shoe. It's true that you get what you pay for!

#2- Buying the ONE pair of shoes that fulfills your most important mental/physical states of being is an investment.  Meaning, if you buy the one right pair that you absolutely LOVE for each category then you won't waste money and time buying a lot of pairs that just don't do the job.  

             Simply put, you know that you'll want to physically feel comfortable and casual or you'll want to emotionally get that confidence booster when you know you're looking your best.  I have 4 categories of these types of shoes that I've always kept in my arsenal.  I call them:

    • the casual shoe
    • the everyday/work shoe
    • the PADOW! Look at me when I step in the building shoe
    • the subtle, yeah I'm sexy but kind of quietly grabbing your attention shoe

        If you buy one good, high quality pair of each occasion shoe then you have 4 pairs of shoes that fulfills every need.  If it's a timeless design then that's even better because it will last you for awhile.  Finally, here's my final view.

    #3-  A woman should always make sure that she represents herself to the best of her ability on every level.  If you look good, then you feel good which makes you perform good.  So ladies, dressing well is an investment into your overall well being!!  

    In the end, your shoes can be more than just a monetary investment.  They can add so much joy to your emotional state which is a good thing.  

     Take a look at some shoes from my new arrivals that I think fit each shoe category. 









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