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SUMMER!!! Yes, I LOVE summertime!!!  This is my favorite season.  I will take the heat over the cold any day!! Now, what I don’t like about the summer are the thunderstorms (hate them) but the things I love about it far outweighs that. Some of the reasons that this is my favorite season are:  it’s warm, the feeling of the sun kissing my skin, vacations, and fashion.  

Yes Fashion!  I think that it offers more variety of clothing and options of how the designs can be cut. This reason is also why I love to wear and design sandals and why wearing sandals might be one of the biggest reasons of why I love summer.  Designing sandals just speaks to my soul because I draw a lot of inspiration from lines, symmetry, and architecture. This allows me to be very creative with sandals with cut outs, straps, and shapes.  Below you can check out some of my favorite sandals that I’ve been wearing so far this summer.

So Im enjoying the heat wave, trips, sandals, and everything else that this summer will bring me this year. I don’t know if summer is your favorite season or not but I hope that you’ve been enjoying it!!

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