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I'm sure that you all, at some point in time, have had a pair of shoes that were kind of tight around the toes right?  I know for us true shoeholics that live by the mantra that beauty is pain have experienced this.  Perhaps you might’ve even bought a pair of shoes a half size too small just because you had to have that shoe!!! Yes, you know that you’ve been guilty of that! 

Well, I want to share this home remedy tip that I learned from my mother years ago to help get rid of some of the pain. You may already know about it but if not here it is:  stretch it out with rubbing alcohol.  Below are the steps that I use.

1.  Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. 

2.  Dampen a sheet or two of newspaper (this is what I use but I’m sure sturdy paper or paper towels will work) with the rubbing alcohol.  Make sure it’s damp enough that it’s saturated but not dripping wet.  Be careful that’s it’s not overly saturated because it can lead to the color on the leather bleeding causing discoloration. 

3.  Ball up the newspaper into the mouth of the shoe very snugly.  Let it sit overnight, maybe once or twice check on it just to make sure that all is well.  

4.  The next morning remove the paper and try on.

Voila! Your shoe should now be a little looser and more comfortable.  I’ve used this method countless times and it’s always been a success!  Below you will find some pics of the process.

🥂Cheers to no more hurting toes!!

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