Becki Coakley’s love for fashion, specifically shoes, started at around four years old. Even at that age, she knew exactly what she wanted to wear. Always earnest to look her best, Becki never wavered until she got the shoes or outfit she was intent on having. As a result, the young fashion designer to be took an interest in creating her own designs. Since then, her sense of style continued to develop and blossom throughout the years until finally becoming what is now Becki Coakley, Ltd.


Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Becki drew much influence and inspiration from the city’s beautiful landscape and architecture. Growing up, her favorite thing to do was to walk the streets of downtown Charleston with her mom while looking into the luxury shops and deciding on everything she saw if she liked it or not.  Over the years, the designer was able to bring all of her inspirations together to create her own unique style. The result: classic, simple, sophisticated but eye-catching shoe designs.


Even though Becki didn’t follow her passion for shoe design early on, instead opting to pursue her love of psychology, she never denied herself the ability to create.  Finally, after years of various other positions, it wasn’t until relocating out west that the designer decided it was time to go after her dreams and develop her own shoe line, Becki Coakley, Ltd.


Becki Coakley is a shoe brand that was born from two desires:   to create finely detailed and striking shoes and to be a vessel for women to display their sensuality and elegance simultaneously. Becki sees the woman that wears the Becki Coakley shoe brand as one that is confident and isn’t afraid to be different by adding some flair to herself.  She is a go-getter that may have power meetings all day long but leaves to enjoy happy hour or a night out on the town.  She may also be a woman that goes from a lunch date to running errands all over town confidently wearing her Becki Coakley shoes. 

Becki Coakley combines simplistic, elegant, timeless, and eye catching details to make exquisite shoe designs for the sophisticated and chic woman.


Much of the inspiration for Becki’s shoe line comes from her mom Angie. From start to finish, Becki designs, sketches, and perfects her shoes with her mom in mind.  Often wondering what her mom's thoughts would be about each shoe.   As a timeless homage to her mother’s influence, Becki chose the letter “A” as a template for the line’s logo.  Instead of just having the actual letter, she added three lines in the middle with her name on the last line, representing Becki as her mom’s third child. Further, the designer credits her mom as a big influence on how she views fashion, her style development, and overall love for what she does.


Becki Coakley shoes uses only the finest quality of leathers, fabrics, materials, and artisans out of Italy that hand make the shoes. 


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